Teen Moms

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, 5:00-7:00

Helps teenage mothers learn proper childcare, independence, and self-sufficiency.


Teen Moms is a welcoming and nurturing environment for both expectant and teenage mothers. Mothers learn not only to care for their children, but learn to cook, sew, financial management, and basic life skills. During the teen moms session the girls eat together as families with their mentors.  The girls and mentors have this time to catch up on the week’s happenings and talk about their lives and children. Speakers come and talk about subjects relative to the girls’ lives and parenting.  Speakers encompass everything from pediatricians to job preparation.  

The girls have opportunities to earn “baby dollars” through reading and answering worksheets on parenting books, going to school, going on job interviews, holding down a job, and helping around the teen moms building.

These baby dollars can in turn be spent at our baby boutique, a store front boutique stocked with all the essentials for childcare.

The girls also have the opportunity to spend their baby dollars on outings with their children.  Throughout the year various activities planned are planned to give both the girls and their children educational and recreational opportunities.

We also provide opportunities for the girls to do things that are not always accessible to them.  We have photo sessions for the babies and the girls are able to purchase these photos with baby dollars.  We have a Christmas Boutique that offers the girls gently used toys to purchase and do an Easter basket night that gives the girls many Easter basket-stuffing options to purchase and make.

Mentors show the girls how to bake and decorate birthday cakes, make economical Easter baskets, scrapbook photos, make baby quilts, make baby food from scratch, etc.

We work in conjunction with Project Learn and Park United Methodist Church in providing a GED site for our teen moms.  Mentors from Teen Moms help in these classes and work with the girls during the week.

On specific days, the building is open for girls and children to come and spend time with mentors sewing, cooking, crafting, and other “mothering” activities.

Program Leader:
Karen Freeman - Email: Karen@firstglance.org

Ways to Help: 
- Prepare a meal for Teen Moms and their kids.
- Volunteer on a Tuesday night with the girls & babies.
- Help plan or host a special event.