Welcome to First Glance

First Glance is a youth center that operates in Akron's Kenmore community on Kenmore Blvd. We have programming for students from grades 6 to 12 and for young adults ages 18 to 29. We offer a variety of programs which include a recreational night, a young adults program, a skatepark, an abstinence program as well as Teen Mom and Young Mom programs. No matter the program or activity, First Glance offers teenagers and young adults a safe place of grace and of unconditional love. Individuals can come in, be themselves, have fun, and learn about God. 

New First Glance Databases

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Rec Night: Here From the Start

Rec Night, the program that started it all! This is a common phrase said around First Glance by our volunteers and staff--many who have been around from the very beginning, nearly 15 years. Rec Night is unique in that it draws such a large crowd of students who range in age from 11-20. The number of kids who walk through the doors offers wonderful opportunities for our adult leaders to connect with students and begin building relationships. 

Every Thursday evening from 7:00-9:00pm, we open our building to the middle and high school students in the community. In the summers on the scorching hot days and in the winters on the frigid days, our students faithfully line up to come inside. During the night, students have the opportunity to hang out with friends and leaders, play basketball, dodgeball, air hockey, pool, and dance. There is also a snack bar available to students. When asked why they come to Rec Night some of our students responses were--to see friends, to see leaders, eat snacks, and more.

This year we have some fun events planned for Rec Night including a Talent Show, Kenmore Pizza Tasting, a Dance, an Art Show, Fear Factor Night, and a Reunion Night. Our special events offer even more opportunities for our students and leaders to connect, as many of these events require outside planning and preparation.

Rec Nights are some of our most unstructured times at First Glance which is chaotic and wonderful all at the same time! God continues to be faithful in providing opportunities for our leaders to connect with students and build relationships. The program that started it all is still going strong and we are welcoming new students every week.