Join us to celebrate First Glance's Golden Anniversary!

Golden Birthday/Anniversary: an anniversary celebrated when one turns the age of their birth date.  
(e.g. First Glance will be 14 years old on Sept 14)

Each day September 1 - 14, we will highlight a different volunteer that has helped to make First Glance a successful ministry over the last 14 years.  These Volunteers consistently go Above and Beyond to serve our students and impact the Kenmore community.  However, though we can only focus on a few there have been hundreds of volunteers that have made First Glance run smoothly and meet many needs.  So we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers through the years, for pouring their lives into this community and to our students.

THANK YOU for going Above and Beyond!

If You would like to go Above and Beyond, you can help us continue to reach our fundraising goals for the year.  In honor of our anniversary, we are seeking funds to pay the electric bill for one year.  Please help us keep the bright Light of Hope burning for these students by participating in our crowd funding event to the right.

Also, don't forget to join us for an open house ANNIVERSARY PARTY at First Glance.

Sunday September 14, 2014
noon - 2pm