Urban Learner.

The Urban Learning Experience is an exciting two-year program that will train and equip those interested in urban ministry.

This commitment will give the Urban Learner the chance to work with First Glance Student Center to intentionally engage and invest in the community of Kenmore in order to connect students to Christ and the church. First Glance is a large youth center in the Akron area that serves almost 1,000 at-risk students each year. Only 16% of these students claim any sort of church, leaving a majority of our students without any connection to the gospel. Though the ministry desires to meet the physical and emotional needs of students, our ultimate goal is to bring them to a saving faith in Christ. First Glance hosts eleven different programs that allow us to do this; check out each program by clicking here.

The program has three parts:

Hands on Urban Ministry Experience

Every participant will have the opportunity to work directly in urban ministry and learn first hand how to do so.

Leadership Role and Responsibilities

We recognize the value of good leadership in order to accomplish what God calls us to do.  We will train each participant in leadership roles and give him/her roles that will allow them to lead parts of the ministry.  


Educating and equipping our staff is a high value of ours.  Every Urban Learning participant will be given materials to go through and introduced to dynamic leaders throughout the city to help further their education, experience and leadership.  

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When the Urban Learner has completed this two year commitment they will have a greater understanding of urban ministry, leading well, and how to apply the gospel in any situation.  The goal for every graduate of this program is to be able to apply the knowledge learned in any context that God may lead them to next.  

The Urban Learning Experience is a support-raising program in which the Learner will act as a missionary to the Kenmore Community, raising support* of whatever amount necessary for them to live. In turn, this is a full time position gaining hands-on experience and education in urban ministry and leadership.

*All donations will be tax deductible.

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