Pray for First Glance.

Commit to Prayer.

Prayer Ninjas™ have had a powerful impact on our community. We have seen it!

First Glance prioritizes prayer! Why? Because we KNOW prayer has significant power and impact on our community! We have seen it!

Prayer has been a value of First Glance for years! Twelve years ago we implemented prayer rooms to pray for our students by name. But before that, in the very beginning, we had a dedicated group of people praying for us regularly and we are bringing it back! We are calling all prayer ninjas!

We know some of you call them prayer warriors, but we like ninjas because then you can dress in all black and be stealth-like.

But, in all seriousness, we are assembling a group of people who are willing to pray regularly and fervently for our students and community! Simply sign up to receive a regular email or text (or both) and we will keep you informed with prayer needs and how God has answered our prayers!

Prayer really is one of the greatest honors we have to connect to the Creator of the universe! And in addition, He encourages us to come to Him with need (Luke 18:1). It doesn’t take much to make a big impact!

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