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Launch Kenmore Expansion.

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Reaching Launch Kenmore’s full potential

so more students can reach theirs!

Our LAUNCH Kenmore after-school programming has been successfully meeting the educational, physical, and spiritual needs of elementary-aged students in Kenmore since 2016.

Now, we have the opportunity to expand — to operate LAUNCH Kenmore 5 days a week with additional local elementary schools that want their students involved — giving leaders 230 days to impact more kids … and you’re invited to join us in the exciting endeavor! We fully believe now is the time to make the push for an expanded LAUNCH Kenmore in order to reach the program’s full potential … and so the kids can reach theirs!

One Akron teacher commented: “Kids come to school when there is LAUNCH.” 

Kids enjoy being here — it’s a priority — and we enjoy investing in their lives, their families, their present and their future! First Glance is seeking funds to successfully expand LAUNCH Kenmore and help more young children reach their full potential as they grow.

  • A total of $50,000 is needed immediately so we can purchase a van to transport more students to our program center.

  • An additional total of $60,000 committed over the coming school year will enable us to operate at full capacity for the 2022/23 and 2023/24 school years.

Please stand with First Glance today to build upon our proven program that shares Christ’s love with children, promotes safe neighborhoods, and develops healthy, happy kids. 

# of Gifts Pledge Pledge/Month Total
1 $25,000 $2,100/month $25,000
2 $10,000 $850/month $20,000
5 $5,000 $425/month $25,000
8 $2,500 $200/month $20,000
10 $1,000 $85/month $10,000
20 $500 $40/month $10,000
46 $110,000

Please select “Launch Kenmore” when making your donation.